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7.62X39 best load for hunting / defense ???

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And one have real world experience with some specific hollow point or soft point 7.62x39 loads
for hunting and or defense?


Details for me specifically I personally have an Arsenal AK and Galil SBR I do not want to shoot bi-metal jacket through mine I know they Can take it but they are nice rifles and I would like to keep them in great condition for the rest of my life GOD willing. That said if you are a cheaper load for someone else that's cool also

PS if any one has experience with Wolf Copper Jacket 122gr Hollow Point does it expand in flesh?

I can't answer the exact questions but I hope you don't mind me responding. I've learned a lot from the cast boolit forum about shooting cast bullets in just about every rifle. It's pretty cool. They have a section specifically for cast loads in military rifles such as the AK, SKS, etc. And you don't have to pour your own, you can purchase and reload yourself.

Thanks I do reload

So I have a couple loads I bought
The Hornady rounds red tip SST ballistic tip bullet happy with the preformance gel tests look ok

Also got Privi Partizan lead soft points they feed but some of the lead gets shaved off and I'm not sure where it's going so don't know what I've doing with them


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