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Son's first BB gun

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Mr J:
Hi all,

Just want to get some advice, I am giving my 10 year old son a Dasiy BB gun for Christmas. I never had one as a kid and want to set down some rules for him. Visions of “you'll shoot your eye out” are in my mind, lol.

My son just stared Cub Scouts and during October Fest he got to shoot on the range, the scouts did an excellent job of teaching safety protocol and procedures. He is very sensitive and I don't want him afraid of firearm but respectful of them.

If he does not wear glasses...get him a pair of COOL shooting glasses to protect his eyes as the spring powered guns lack the power for can killing and often bounce back towards young eyes.

CPT Morgan:
Never was given a BB Gun and in-turn never bought my own kids one either.  My dad said (and I paraphrase), "kids don't respect BB Guns enough and mischief always happens as a result, teaching kids nothing about gun safety".  He was right, really.  I couldn't tell you how many friends I had that shot out windows and just about everything else they shouldn't have been shooting.

I was given a .22lr at the age of 10 and was taught how to use it properly and what the results were when not used properly.  My kids got the same.

Alan Georges:
Glasses, and some supervision.  We set up a "range shed" on the back porch and they shot in a safe direction at tin cans to their hearts' content.  I kept an eye on them, and they always handled their bb guns like the real thing, so it was never a problem.  By the time they were ready to graduate to .22s, it was just the same old drill.

I never let them roam the neighborhood to have a chance to shoot out windows though.  Knew plenty of kids who did this while I was growing up though.

buy some bulk BB's shows your support.
wrap around shooting glasses and if he likes it some of the plastic reactive targets instead of plain old paper. even saw star wars targets where they can shoot storm troopers and aliens.
 check the power of the gun on milk jugs full of colored water.
"if dad had one you could shoot together."
Yes i still have my first BB gun! crossman 760


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