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Looking to start reloading, I have never reloaded before.  Looking at the Lee 4 hole turret.  An advise would be very helpful.  I would be reloading 9mm, 40 S&W, .223 and 30-06.  I do have a budget to work in and that is part of the reason I have been leaning toward Lee.  But if there is a good reason to stay away from it I will wait and save a little more money.  Thanks

I have no experience with the Lee presses. I know people that love them but most I know have their Lee set up on one caliber and load and stay with it.

Other than that, I like Dillon progressive presses and RCBS single stages.

I have no experience with the lee turret press(or other turret), but I do have experience with the original Lee  "O" frame press and found it quite lacking, as I have with other Lee equipment I've used. That said, some of the newer offerings seem to be of better and more substantial construction.

I have presses from Lyman, RCBS, Lee, Herters, and Dillon. Since you're going to load for rifles too, I'd suggest something along the lines of an RCBS Rockchucker.

I ran a production loading company (small) for several years and while LEE may be better now,
they were not capable of producing quality and speed of even a Dillon 550B or 650 ..I
also had ,and liked Dillon 1000 (old) and 1050 machines along with 4 electric operated 5000 round per hour
AMMO LOAD machines.

You can produce acceptable ammo with a LEE TURRET press , but the quality and speed of the Dillon 550B
(about 500 pistol rounds per hour) and the LIFETIME WARRANTY for hobby users (not for commercial loaders)
make the Dillon just a bit nicer..If Dillon 650 (I don't think the 550B can do 308) is within your budget with the accessories ,
you will be happier with it. If you only load 400 or so rounds on Saturday..the LEE is OK.

I did use a LEE turret press right up to the day I bought a personal Dillon 55B, I loaned it to a buddy for a few years and
he went and got himself killed on 10/10/2010...I miss my buddy John M. :'(

I really like my Hornady lock and load, its a progressive press and once you get the caliber set up you unlock it from the press and you dont have to mess with it again, when you want to load ammo for that caliber you lock your dies into place and get to work.


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