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CA Governor signs gun control bills into law

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Highlight include ammo registry, banning of bullet button equipped semi-auto long arms and the total banning of magazines holding more than 10 rounds with no grandfather in of previously owned magazines.

now, what do you think the odds are of everyone following these ? How many magazines do you think will be turned in  ?

Not to mantion the whole ammo craziness, if the criminals manage to smuggle in heroin, ammo is somehow going to be a problem ? This is going to limit the places selling and raise the prices like crazy, so expect Californians to reload more and bring home ammo when vacationing elsewhere more is my bet...

And, all the AR-ish (scary black guns) rifles need to do is change out to a non-adjustable stock and/or take off the flash suppressor -- now they are no longer "assault weapons" , even if they keep the removable magazine. So, magically safer, right ?

Unbelievable -- but it is ignorance of most non-gun owning Californians, and now the politicians will say they "did something" and that they "closed important loopholes " and everyone is now magically safer

Yep, the whole thing is yet another huge pile of crap for us. 

Criminalizing hi-cap mag possession is going to be an absolute nightmare, both for owners and law enforcement.  Mag owners, previously comfortable with possession in light of the fairly toothless legal risks, now must decide whether continued possession is worth becoming a criminal over.  And law enforcement will be forced to decide how aggressive they'll be in charging violators.  As with everything gun-related in this state, I won't be surprised if certain jurisdictions will not enforce the mag ban at all, while others will make an example of every person they can lay their hands on.

I've been leery of anything AR in California, so this portion of the legislation doesn't impact me at all.  As far as I can tell, my traditionally stocked M1A's are unaffected.  I had to make a decision which direction to go many years ago, and I decided I was better off spending my money on something less scary looking, because California is all about optics, reason plays little role in how these bills are crafted.

I don't know what's going to happen with the ammo thing, except that it's going to make it more of a hassle and probably more expensive.  It sounds like internet sales are allowed, so long as the background check and record keeping function meets DOJ standards.  Whether out of state bulk dealers will find it financially worth their while to comply with these extra hoops remains to be seen.  I've avoided local sales for over 10 years, because online sales were easier, cheaper, and had much better selection.  While I've got deep reserves, I may decide to lay in a whole bunch more before this goes into effect, I just don't know enough about it yet.

So what is the age limit on buying a gun? How will a minor go hunting? What is loaning? Can an instructor "loan" a gun to a student?

I know New Jersey is crazy but wow, California just broke with reality.


Jeremy Downing:
I would of probably just given up and left California some time ago. I've known quite a few Californian's to find happiness in Kentucky and Ohio. I've heard they do better in almost any other state.

I say this while I enjoy shooting my new 9 with a 17 round mag. Oh, yah. It's surpressed.

They wanted to sell me some sort of 30 round mag for my glock at the gun store last week. Looked unwieldly, but in light of this report I smile a bit to myself.

GTFO of California.


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