Author Topic: Brief review of the 'CQB - The Study' course taught by Roger Phillips  (Read 3063 times)

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Counting this course I have now received 72 hours of training specifically in CQB. Of this, about 46 hours was devoted to individual work and 26 hours was given to team tactics in this environment (margin of error +/- 2 hours for each category). From this I have become familiar with the two broad categories of CQB that I call 'slow' and 'fast'. Slow CQB emphasizes caution and conservatism in the initial movement to an area up to the point of commitment (also call the Line of Decision or Line of Death). Fast CQB emphasizes movement, aggression and commitment to a much greater degree. Slow CQB tends to be favored for the individual operator (unless there is good reason not to) while Fast CQB tends to be favored for teams of at least two and preferably more operators.

Of these two, Roger provided a very balanced curriculum between Slow and Fast as well as a balance in the classtime assigned to individual and team operations. He is as always very open to input from members of the class and likely picked up a technique or two during this one that you may well see in the next class he conducts on this subject. His is a different approach, which was expected, to the subject matter even though most of the fundamental techniques and tactics are about as well know as they can get by now. He pulled from others' law enforcement and military experience to present a curriculum that emphasized concepts and problem-solving in a structured environment that built itself in the students' minds from simple/basic to advanced/complex over the two days of classtime. The information provided is designed to turn the student into a problem-solver and not a meat-bot running a preset script. In this, I believe he was successful.

Very much recommended as a course of study.