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Just acquired one of these today. It was my wife's grandfather's gun. He's been Gone for quite some time now but her grandmother had recently been moved out of her home to assisted living and my mother-in-law has been going through with her siblings trying to get the home ready to sell.

I did a bit of research and all I can figure out is that it's a Mossberg 50 rebranded for Montgomery Wards. They were built between 1938-1942. I can't find out much else. If I can get any operating instructions, that would be great. I think I understand how the action works but I don't want to be figuring it out on the firing line at the range. With it being so old, I can't seem to find any kind of manual for this.

I'll try to get some pictures up later.

And now I've managed to pull the bolt/hammer and can't get the hammer back in.  :P

Well, I figured out why I couldn't get it all the way back together. I found an old scan of the "General Instructions" sheet that came with the gun. In order to re-insert the hammer into the receiver, you have to pull the trigger to pull the sear out of the way (which I was trying)

The thing is, I can't pull the trigger far enough back to cause the sear to break and release the hammer. This is why I couldn't figure the action out because the hammer wouldn't release. I had to remove the receiver from the stock to get the thing back together. Guess I'm taking this to a gunsmith to have a look at. The whole mechanism is stupid simple, though. Don't want to risk messing up such a cool old gun, though. I've got enough experience working on airgun triggers but with something I don't know if I can get parts for, I'd rather leave it to someone who knows better.

The safety is a key to trigger travel.

I agree, sounds like the safety is not disengaging fully....or there is an issue with the disconnector. Probably gummed up with dried oil.


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