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Reloading 22LR

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This is an interesting article on reloading the 22LR

Very reasonably priced. I will probably buy one just to have at that price.

Wow that is cool, while I was lucky enough to have a substantial amount of .22 put away before they became unavailable the ability to reload my .22's is intriguing.

 :popcorn:  Cool

$75 for kit
$25 for powder and primer
$5 shipping

You just spent over $100

You can buy a Lee Classic Kit, Lee bullet mold, and enough primers and powder for 1k rounds of 38/9mm/45 for the same money.

And no one ever reads that article and sees the comment that the reloads are not very accurate.  And if they are not very accurate compared to bulk .22 that means they are about useless.

Now that .22 is coming back onto the market why not just take the $100 and do what everyone that claims to be a prepper should have done before 2008,  stockpile some good .22.



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