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Factory sights vs Tech sights?

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On another post I read that factory sights on a Ruger 10/22 are adequate and that Tech Sights are better. Why are factory sights so bad and why are Tech sights better? Which tech sight is a good deal when money is tight?
I'm going to an Appleseed shoot and am going to use iron sights. Why are the ones the gun came with considered bad?

Tech sights have a peep rear, which is more instinctual and faster to aim, and the rear sight is mounted on the back of the receiver, extending the sight radius (distance between sights) which makes it easier to aim. The farther apart the sights are, the more obvious small misalignments become. I believe the company is Tech Sights. There are other options, but the real deal Techs seem to be a pretty sure bet on a great product.

In addition to the short sight radius 16RR noted above, the main disadvantage is the lack of any reasonable adjustability of the 10/22 sights.  Tech Sights are "click adjustable", as opposed to the stock sights having to be loosened and drifted, with no option for repeatable adjustment.

Original sights are OK ,
Tech sites better ,
and for me,the 1 MOA red dot for about $20 is the best for low light ,day light...both eyes open fast and accurate game shooting.

I don't know about anyone else, but when using a factory setup 10/22 the stock will not allow me to get my head down far enough to even line up the factory sights in my vision.

They might as well not be there.

They are "adequate" in terms of being present and no worse than the same open rear/bead front that has been offered as the cheapest thing a manufacturer can get away with putting on a firearm for the past 200 years.

To use irons I have to either have a different stock or different sights, but that is a moot point since I put optics on the 10/22 as soon as I buy one.


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