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Worth it to build an AK?

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--- Quote from: strangetanks on January 01, 2015, 09:36:44 AM ---I will definitely keep you guys updated.  Probably not going to get to it for a while, I'm busy working on a new air rifle and a gazillion other projects.  Would like to get it done in time for spring weather though.  I'm going to start looking to put together all the parts I need over some time.  I'm thinking might be the place to pick everything up.

Any opinions on that?

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I've never bought from gunbroker, but I did get my first AR built one piece at a time.  It didn't really save me money, but i spread the costs out over the year and ended up with what I wanted and I didn't break the bank all at once.   I was in no hurry.  Take your time, watch youtube.   By the time you are ready to do it you'll have researched it enough you'll breeze through it :).


--- Quote from: David in MN on January 01, 2015, 10:32:08 AM ---The AK 47 "loudener"
 Looks like fun.
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They don't have to be louder, but whatever floats a boat.  ;)


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