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Price of .22's

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Mr. Bill:
Shameless plug for Jack's advertiser: has several varieties of .22 ammo in stock.  And there's an MSB discount too.

(I just placed my first order with them, for some .22 magnum.  Yeah, still absurdly expensive compared with a few years ago, but they did actually have it in stock, and shipped it promptly with adequate packaging.)

Alan Georges:
$82 a brick, ouch, but that's the market. I'm gonna have to pop for some soon. Thanks for pointing out that Bulk Ammo has any for sale at all.

15.00 for 50 here for the late buyers ;D


     I haven't seen much in the way of retail stock for .22's. The gunshow prices are ridiculous. I have a hard time believing that it's all being bought up by profiteering hoarders. It only makes a profit if they sell it and even at the gunshows, there isn't a large quantity for sale. I also can't believe that the government is buying it all up. .22 caliber isn't a favorite round for criminals or gangbangers. If the goal is to remove ammo from the criminal element, why not buy up 9mm? What possible use could the government have for a vast quantity of this caliber?
     I wonder what the wholesale prices are? If the manufacturers have unreasonably jacked up the wholesale prices, it might explain the increases. I also can't believe that the wholesale price is the same as it used to be, while the retail prices have skyrocketed. The manufacturers would jump all over the increased profits; the cost of raw materials being the same. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of components either. If they are really running 24/7, cranking out .22's it means that bullets, brass and powder are in good supply. Perhaps I've missed something and a metal or chemical is in short supply, therefore driving up prices.
     The guy in the gun department at Wally World said that as soon as a shipment comes in, they are immediately sold out. People wait at the ammunition case for a few bricks to arrive? There is some panic buying, but across the whole country? Rumors of shortages can trigger shortages. An example was the toilet paper "shortage". But everyone uses toilet paper. I would think only a very small percentage of the population uses .22's.
     I also wonder what this is doing to the market for firearms that use .22 caliber? I'd certainly think twice about buying a .22, given the situation. Anyone seen any info on sales figures for .22 firearms? Maybe this is just the top of the slippery slope for gun elimination. Too much outcry if the government grabs the guns, they'll just eliminate the ammo. No one will seriously do anything if .22's are priced out reach and made unavailable. I wonder what caliber would be next?

I don't get it either but i watched similar shortages of 9mm in 2009 and that's a caliber that can be reloaded. I think the absence of a reload market for .22 puts all the production pressure on manufacturers who see this as a blip in the market and are unwilling to add production lines after being burned in 2009. As a large corporation, investing tens of millions of dollars to add a new lie. For .22 production only to have sales return to normal in two years is a bad investment.

If I recall correctly the .22 shortage started after Sandy Hook. That means it's less than two years out still and it's a self feeding problem. If you haven't been able to buy for 18 months, you'll buy everything in sight when you do find it. Hopefully this crisis will run it's course. I've sold every box I'm willing to spare now, all for $25 per 500 to friends in need. Now I'm down to just a personal supply for target shooting and sooner or later I'm going to need to restock.


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