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Need help finding a range in NY

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Anybody know of a range in NYC area that rents long guns to shoot? I am trying to bring some non-shooter friends in to take a gun safety class and shoot some rounds. Maybe take away their fear of things they do not understand. There are a few public ranges but they do not rent guns. The only one I can find that is pretty near is in Manhattan and charges a much bigger fee. I prefer not to bring my own gun since all I have is a 12 ga. and they would probably get sore and not come back for a repeat after the experience. Any help would be appreciated.

I wish I had better news for you, but I'm north of the city 1.5 hours and I have never heard of a range in NY that rents firearms... because of the political climate regarding firearms in NY theres not really any full time big open ranges in the state, there really just small clubs of people that purchase land to enjoy their freedoms...

Good luck in your search.

There are some options in Long Island:

Google is your friend :)

If none of the ranges in Long Island rent you can come out to Pennsylvania. The Heritage Guild in Easton has rifles and pistols for rent:

That place is just over the border from New Jersey right off of Rt. 78. Hell you can even shoot a full auto there but burning through ammo so fast gets expensive. They also have locations in Rahway and Branchburg in New Jersey. I've never been to those locations so I'm not sure if they also offer rifle rentals.

I realize this is an old thread, but nonetheless wanted to update it with a link to this outstanding range in the NJ suburbs of NYC:

They have an extensive list of firearms that you can rent by the hour to try them out at the range.  Lots of training classes and just absolutely wonderful people.  An island of sanity in a blue sea of Northeast anti-gun zealots.


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