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Scared of guns... Alternatives?

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Ok so I know this is in the firearms section so maybe not the most unbiased place to post this question, but I didn't see a better place to post it!

Due to some private reasons I have developed a fear and distrust of guns. However, I don't feel quite safe without one, either.  I am wondering what might be a good alternative. Currently I have mace, a stun gun, and a knife. The knife probably isn't much good but I carry it along with mace when walking. Anyway, I do have two small children in the house so it has to be something I can store safely and easily. My husband is considering getting a gun down the road but we can't get it until we can afford a gun safe and even then it will be locked up and pretty well useless- and I won't touch it. So does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? The stun gun I have is about the size of a flashlight and while I've never tried it out it just doesn't have my faith that it would stop someone.

Well, Robin, your first step would be to figure (or find) out why you fear and distrust guns - you needn't post it, just figure out why. Once you know this, you can put together a curriculum designed to safely and non-threateningly introduce you to the shooting sports, maybe starting with a pellet rifle and working your way from there. There are many reasons to own a firearm, many shooting sports to try and see if you enjoy. Don't get hung up on the self defense aspect - the vast majority of shooters never experience the need to defend themselves with a firearm; most just enjoy ventilating cans or targets, or a day a-field with a rifle or shotgun tucked under their arm. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something before you are ready, here or anywhere else.

I agree with your selection of mace and a knife for last ditch defense, but I would forgo the stun gun in favor of a collapsible  baton. Waltzing with an assailant for a couple of seconds (seems like an eternity) while the stun gun takes effect is not my cup of tea, and both the gas and baton will give you more of a standoff distance than the knife. In the defense arena, you will find many more occasions to use less than lethal force than you will using lethal force - e.g. a knife. As in anything regarding using force against another person, you should get some professional training, both to learn proper techniques and to cover yourself legally in the event you ever have to defend yourself.

I fully understand private reasons for fearing and distrusting guns, but remember that whatever happened to you was "then", this is "now". And don't worry, none of us think less of you for posting this question or having those feelings.


I recommend counseling for hoplophobia.

Smurf Hunter:
Assuming we're talking handguns, I personally recommend this for a nightstand drawer safe:

I have 2 young kids in our home, and this safe was step 1 in getting my wife comfortable with the idea of owning a firearm.  For ~$160 the price was right and more importantly it met all my functional criteria.

Also, while I'm no self defense expert, it would seem a much higher risk of a knife being used against you given the close proximity required.

How about this for a plan:

1) but and install that (or similar) safe
2) store your pepper spray, impact weapons + flash light in there

Later if/when your family introduces a handgun into your preps, you already have a safe place to put it the same day you bring it home.

Cooter Brown:
Well, I can't speak to the non-guns issues but since you will eventually have guns in the house, perhaps you should consider taking the NRA's Home Firearms Safety class. It is classroom only, no shooting, and might be a good introduction; a way to sort of build up your tolerance.

If that's too much too soon, you could consider starting with the Refuse to be a Victim program.

The NRA website has a training section where you can look up classes in your area.

Ask around about the instructors; most NRA instructors are good folk, but there are some yahoos out there.


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