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A good bolt action .22lr?

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I just got a Ruger American Rimfire Target model. It uses the rotary magazine, which I like. I've had trouble with Marlin magazines cutting my fingers during rapid reloads (for an Appleseed). And I had an old A-Bolt .22 that couldn't feed a round at any fast pace - the lips of the original 5 round and replacement 15 round magazines just couldn't precisely position the cartridge. So I am hoping the Ruger ( with its 10 round rotary mag will do the trick.

By the way, it comes with a sort of Ruger "Pickatinny Rail" on it. I have several scopes set up with tip-off rings, but not one spare set of Pickatiny rings. Then I noticed a sort of groove under the rail. The rail came off easily (four Torx T-10 head 6-48 screws) and that revealed the standard Ruger grooves for .22LR. Got the scope mounted up - now to sight it in.  I wonder why none of the Ruger literature, or any of the reviews, mentioned the tip-off grooves?


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