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Shotgun Ammo Question


John Q Public:
My local dealer has 250 round cases of 12 gauge Federal Top Gun Target Loads for $54.

Three questions come to mind:

Is that a decent brand of ammunition?

What exactly is a target load?

Would it be suitable for CQC in a home defense situation?

I have been looking for answers to these but have yet to stumble across them.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Federal is a good company. The ammo load sounds like birdshot, which is commonly sold by the crate for the cheap compared to buckshot or slugs. I would not rely on it for defense. Buckshot or slugs for defense, and preferably buckshot. I use Federal 12 gauge 00 buckshot, which has the word tactical thrown in the name. It is 9 pellets and holds good patterns at 20 yards. I have fired it out of both my 1100 and 870. The 1100 has a mod barrel for duck hunting and the 870 is the 18.5" police synthetic.

I rarely shoot a shotgun at the range. It does not require much skill to hit a target. Skeet and trap are different, but I do not engage in that sport. When I do shoot my shotgun it is either to test the ammo load I bought or it is because it has been a while and I feel like it. When it is just because I feel like it I use birdshot it is just cheaper to bang away with. 

John Q Public:
Thanks Kaiser,

I figured it would be birdshot but I wasn't certain. I currently have slugs and buckshot for home. I just wanted to see if it would be a good deal or not and pick up a couple of cases if it was. I'll pass on it though.


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