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223/5.56 Ammunition -- Good Price?

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John Q Public:
I just picked up 500 rounds of .223 at my local firearms dealer.

I was able to get Federal - new American Eagle 55 Grain FMJ 5.56 with a reloadable brass cartridge 500 rounds for $205 out the door.

Since I am relatively new to forearms, I am wondering if this is good ammo and how the price stacks up?

Opinions please......

Wow, killer price. I paid slightly more for a case of 200 rds, although I purchased the Winchester Supreme Silver Tip....they're not cheap. Great deal man.

Good price these days.


--- Quote from: chris on November 18, 2008, 08:37:31 PM ---Good price these days.

--- End quote ---
What he said.

For anyone looking for .223, keep an eye out for Centurion. I found 1K for $380 with tax the weekend before last at a gun show. Several cases later it was going for 400 plus tax. Brass case, boxer primed. Aim Surplus had some recently for $169 a half case a few weeks back. Looks liek good stuff.


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