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Title: Being a Steward of the Firearm Comunity
Post by: David in MN on April 14, 2020, 02:11:53 PM
It's never been a secret that we have a pile of guns. That said, friends are coming out of the woodwork to buy their first gun because nothing lays waste a virus like a shotgun. So I'm getting calls about "what do I need to know" about my first gun.

Now take a deep breath firearm enthusiast. Yeah, I know that you know the difference between a mil-spec and PMag AR-15 magazine. I know you know your favorite lube and can detect Hoppe's #9 by smell. You, like me, will holster your 9mm at the range and execute a Captain Kirk roll to the target. And when that's unsatisfying put the bayonet on your surplus gun and throw it through the target.

But far from being a goofball having fun at the range most of these people have no idea what they're doing. Far from us nerds who debate #4 from #00 they have no idea what shell fits in their shotgun, how to load it, HOW TO UNLOAD IT SAFELY, how to clean it, and how to lubricate it.

It also bears repeating that we speak in a coded language. I know all of us know that 9mm Luger is 9mm Parabellum and is 9x19. Beginners don't know that.

Be a resource to your friends and family. The worst thing ever is someone not maintaning their gun or manipulating it in an unsafe manner. And guns are real easy to screw up on. Be a pillar and keep those around you safe and let's have a society with more gun owners and fewer accidents.