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Just checking in to see if anyone has had problems with Old Grouch lately. I placed an order in June and didn’t hear anything for almost two months. Called and was told it was a miss and the item would ship out the next day. Two weeks later I call again and it still hasn’t shipped so I cancel the order. Another month later and I still haven’t been refunded the cost. Also had about 5 emails go unanswered.

I’ve only seen one other mention from July of someone else having problems with them. Is anyone else experiencing issues. Jack always talks them up but I don’t feel like this is a very professional way of doing business.

So I'm not familiar with Old Grouch. Who is it and what is the website??

Old Grouch Military Surplus located in N.C. The owner is on the expert council and one of the vendors offering a discount through the support brigade.

I have ordered from them a number of times with no problems

I have an outstanding order from August.  No response to emails and phone is always busy.  Tried to call for two hours straight, on two different occasions.
Tried another email today.  Credit card and state consumer complaint office are my next stops.


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