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Finally got back to training after a couple years of nothing, I'm wrecked.

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Tonight was tough. My cardio is worse than I thought, I lost most of my flexibility, and I'm way out of shape. Felt good to get back on a thai bag though. When class was over my whole body hurt, and my left leg was nearing muscle failure every time I had to clutch on the way home. Odd part is, overall I feel better than I have in a long time.  ;D I missed it more than I thought.

Alan Georges:
Getting back in the saddle is always tough, but like you said, you feel better overall and find that you missed it.  I'm struggling to get back on my running and biking after a couple months of rain, and man it's hard after that little bit.  Hats off to getting back in there after a couple of years away.  Worth... every.. damned... aspirin... of the grind to get back in there.

  Just look at all the opportunity you have to improve.... :)

I knew I was way out of shape, but this is brutal. I can't even walk correctly. The only parts of me that don't hurt are my forearms and calves. Aspirin doesn't help me a bit, ever. I'm hoping that skipping class tonight and doing some stretching/light exercise over the weekend will help me loosen back up. I'll hit the gym again monday night to abuse my body some more.  ;D Also found out I can throw a pretty good middle or low kick with my arms behind my back, or only one arm(left or right). Pretty interesting drills he had us doing.

Carl, that's exactly how I look at it. My technique/form has fared somewhat better than my physical condition, but still needs work. Gotta put in the hours and reps now. The building coach is using temporarily has bags, so it's way easier. The place he was in when I last went had no bags at all...which is one of the biggest reasons I quit going.

  You can have a every day carry sword now!


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