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David in MN:
I just bought a set of these...

Adjustable dumbells that go from 5 to 90 lbs in 5 lb increments. I do my weightlifting at home and I've been looking for something heavier than my previous "screw and nut" adjustable dumbells that maxed out at 80 lbs. The Powerblocks are really effective and change weights in seconds rather than spending minutes adjusting plates. This was the solution I needed.

I know the price is a little steep but compared to paying a minimum (around here) of $20 per month to join a gym I've always rather sunk money into capital (weights, kettlebells, battle ropes, punching bags, etc.). So if you think like me and prefer to hit the gym at home and have some coin to toss around, consider looking at this product.

How well does it work for some of the odd angle stuff like behind the head tricep extensions and such?

I prefer the fixed dumbbells but the cost and weight it irritating, like you said, the adjustable ones are a pain in the *ss, the Bowflex dial-a-dumbbells (AKA Yuppie Home Gym) are asinine expensive.  These powerblocks appear to be at least significantly cheaper than the Bowflexes.

David in MN:

--- Quote from: Chemsoldier on January 11, 2017, 11:52:20 PM ---How well does it work for some of the odd angle stuff like behind the head tricep extensions and such?

--- End quote ---

Well that's where ingenuity falls apart. Because of the design you're not supposed to lift the weights by anything but the handle. So movements like pullovers (my favorite lift) and the aforementioned behind the head extensions are not possible.  :'( For these I'll still have to use the old screw on dumbells or my curl bar. I've found I really like bent arm barbell pullovers these days anyway as I have tennis elbow in both elbows.

If I had the space I'd have a rack of dumbells. As far as adjustable, I agree they all have problems, especially as I tend to need 50-90 lbs frequently. I still might buy one 120 lb dumbell for pullovers and one arm rows. Time will tell. For now the Powerblocks are a good compromise solution.


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