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New Survival Blankets Released - Discount/Review codes

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Hi All -

Stefan here from Ninja Prepper.  Really appreciate all the support using our MSB discount code over the holidays.  I saw a lot of people picking up our mugs for Christmas, and sending us kind emails - the support is really awesome as we work towards making this our full-time venture.

We have just launched a new product that I am excited about.  It an improved version of your ordinary silver emergency blanket.  We have worked with a manufacturer to use a 25% thicker material, and done a cool two-sided coloring to increase versatility.  I think they are the best you can get in this style of blanket.

With any new product we sell, it is important to get some reviews in to start showing up on Amazon, so I have some single-use 99% discount codes for our 6-pack of blankets that will let you get them basically free on Amazon Prime.

If you are willing to order one, check it out, and try to leave us a review, just drop a reply ("I'll take one!") or similar, and I'll message codes to the first 5 people to get review units.

Some info on our new blankets:

And a direct, non-affiliate amazon link:

I'll take one!  :) 

I'll take one --

love the spork and happy to try out and review new product, and it will be a good upgrade for our get home bags !

Ms. Albatross:
I'll take one.  Will write a review!  :)

Ill take one and review.


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