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Fitness trackers

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So I'm thinking of getting a fitness tracker for myself.  I've read the reviews online.  I've researched them a lot.  Now I'm going to the members here to see who makes use of one.

What do you have?
Do you make use of it as much now as when you first got it?
Does it actually give you a little bit of motivation like it is supposed to do?
Any bad experiences with them?
If you have a wrist HR feature, does it read properly when you are exercising hard?

Any other info you guys want to supply will be appreciated.

I've got the FitBit Blaze and love it.
I don't use the features as much as when I first got it for sure. 
It gives me no motivation at all.  It probably did for the first couple of months, but I'm over it now. 
Only bad experience I've had with mine is having a rock it the screen while I was weedeating.  But their customer service was great and sent me another one at no cost.
As far as the HR goes, eh....could be worse could be better. I'd say its usually within 10-15% of being accurate.

I do like being able to get texts and notifications on my wrist, then I can decide if I actually need to get my phone out of my pocket (1st world problems, right?). My favorite thing about it though is the alarms.  My wife works random hours and our wake up times can differ drastically.  I like the silent alarm that vibrates on my wrist. Its great to have an alarm that will wake us up, without waking the other person up.  Hope this helps.

I had a Fitbit One for a couple of years (clipped to my bra strap, for the most part) and now I have a Garmin Vivoactive HR that I wear on my wrist.

The One was cool because you can see when you're really just sitting on your butt doing nothing.  You can do challenges (though someone always cheats, so really just against yourself is best) and do virtual trails if the weather sucks in your neck of the woods.  There's a little bit of adjusting for the stride, but it's not hard, and once you have it down, it's pretty accurate.

But I wanted more than that, so I got the Vivoactive HR.  I love it.  Both units track your steps and sleep.  The Vivoactive also tracks your heart rate (as do the better Fitbits) and has GPS tracking so I don't have to use my phone for my walks and rides.  It has constant heart rate, which has been really interesting.  I don't have anything to compare it to for accuracy, but the numbers look normal and I don't see anything that might be an anomaly.

I also like that I can get the weather (including rain and lightning alerts) on the watch, as well as some other notifications.  The widgets and apps are free, and I added one for a compass.

I did a treadmill walk after work and, looking at my heart rate over the course of the day, I apparently was more excited about getting pizza from across the street, because my heart rate walking to lunch was higher than it was on the treadmill.

It lets The Man track your exercise... :o

You can mitigate it by only using the device while exercising in your basement with the walls and ceiling lined with aluminum foil.  ;)


--- Quote from: Chemsoldier on December 22, 2016, 12:57:03 AM ---You can mitigate it by only using the device while exercising in your basement with the walls and ceiling lined with aluminum foil.  ;)

--- End quote ---

Foil is cheap, so what's your point?



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