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Finding a Location to Train


Hey everyone, my name is Mike, I live in Lynchburg, VA and I'm apart of a group of displaced martial artists that moved here for college and are looking to do some practical training. The only problem is none of us have a home that can support the training. I've asked a few local normal gyms if they would mind if we trained there or put on free self defense seminars, but no takers. Any ideas? Any would be great.

normal Gyms are probably not going to be interested. Go to a Fighting Gym or Dojo and ask to rent some mat time. If your all going to the same college just start a club and ask the school for some gym time. I have used the colleges gym many times in my younger days when space was hard to find.



 I used to practice outside, even if it was kind of cold ..

The Professor:
Outside at local parks, as mentioned above, is not uncommon.  It also helps "recruit" others.

Consider, also, finding churches that will rent their facilities rather inexpensively.

Finally, look at the "For Rent" ads.  Often you can find a decent-sized industrial space for a good price.  As an example, a dozen of us were able to rent a 1200 square foot industrial space for $600/month.  We kept that running for three years and it grew into a decent-sized school.

Just some thoughts.

The Professor

Check into the gymnastics centers.   


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