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Shelf Reliance discount code?

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I recently just signed up for the Member Support Brigade but I didn't see a discount code for Shelf reliance.  I found the old one but it doesn't work.  Can any one point me in the right direction or is there no longer a code for them?

Per Jack, they no longer offer any discounts. They are still trying to work out a way to support the MSB. Keep checking your account for current offers.

Sometimes you can get a discount code / link by google the business with the word discount code.

My last buy I found a better deal thru CostCo than the old discount codes.

That's really too bad. I signed up for their Thrive Q several months back, mostly because of the MSB discount, but now I've really grown to appreciate those cans showing up every month and increasing my food storage. I'm disappointed that they no longer offer a discount code, and hope that they'll reconsider!

I ordered through and the prices were cheaper than the regular website.  The 72 hour kit was 1/2 price.  Some of the cheaper prices don't show up until you click on the item or add it to the cart.  I found it by googling shelf reliance discount.  Thanks for the advice!


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