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What are your four? and advice on my choices...

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If I had to limit to four this would be my choice as I have a family that would need to use them as well.

ruger ar 556
glock 26
ruger 10/22
mossberg 20 guage pump action

mgw 44

Glock 27

Nothing needs doing that can't be done with those.  1911 if I wanted to cheat and pick 5.

Well I've got two of four so far.
Ruger 10/22 (actually it's my wife's)
Mossberg 500 20 gauge

Not sure at all what handgun(s) to get.
I'm also looking for a bigger caliber rifle, again not sure what make or model, probably an AR type.

I am changing my choices, if I could only have 4 :

- Springfield XDm in 9mm
- Bolt action Sako, manlicher stock, scoped, in .243
- mossberg 500 in 20 guage
- Mini 14 in .223

but, I realy also want a nice 6 inch barreled revolver in .357/.38

CPT Morgan:
I think this [if I can only have four] is a harder question than if I can only have one.


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