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Outdoor dehumidifing wind turbine extracts pure drinking water from the air.


The Water Wind Turbine sucks in air to make electricity used to cool the air to produce water. A 15 meter wind turbine can be installed in an hour. They currently cost 9,000-25,000 euros per device. Inventor Mark Parent says our 2nd largest water reserve is in the air. The Water Windmill produces 800 liters of water per day.

It's like the moisture vaporators from Star Wars.

Background info on moisture condensors is summarized at:

That would work in humid conditions, but I wonder about arid regions.

Another option for humid areas is collecting water from dehumidifiers, then filtering/purifying the water before drinking.  A dehumidifier and a Berky, along with an alternative energy source like solar or wind, should also equal drinking water from air.

OP link is broken, but a very cool idea.


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