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Japan - Earthquake and Tsunami

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I'm just reading what appears to be the latest info on the subject, according to this article, "Japanese officials...presumed that partial meltdowns had occurred at two crippled reactors and that they were facing serious cooling problems at three more."

--- Quote ---...plant operators had to release radioactive vapor into the atmosphere. Radiation levels outside the plant, which had retreated overnight, shot up to over twice Japan's legal limit, Edano said.

NHK, Japan's public broadcaster, flashed instructions to evacuees: close doors and windows; place a wet towel over the nose and mouth; cover up as much as possible. At a news conference, Edano called for calm.
--- End quote ---

Sometimes it really does come down to luck.  Let's say you were on vacation, had a work assignment, or were otherwise in the danger zone and this came your way.

You walked to lunch with a friend and while sitting at the outside cafe, you feel and earthquake.  Minutes later you begin hearing strange noises and see water coming from your east.  You have no BOB, your home is in the line of surge; you either make it to safety or you don't. 

Sometimes it doesn't matter how much we've done to prepare with physical preps, all that matters is luck and your ability to make a few right decisions (like running to higher ground vs. going back to work to retrieve your BOB). 

Standing there, above the flood waters the thought enters your mind; what about my _________ (insert prized possessions, pets, photo albums, spouse, children, friend)?  As much as we survivalists want the illusion of control and that what we do to prep matters, sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger, sometimes you're the ball.


--- Quote from: endurance on March 14, 2011, 03:33:08 PM ---Sometimes it really does come down to luck.
--- End quote ---

Don't EVER underestimate the power of nature. It will scoop you up, chew on you, and spit you out.

That is some very frightening footage.

I think that video just eliminated the coastal states as possible move locations for me.


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