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Windbelt an alternative to a windmill

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As a low cost alternative to a windmill, I found this in popular mechanics

his company's main site can be found here:

there is a basic kit that is being sold for those of you who want to try this out

or for those of you more DIY build one yourself:

Yeah, saw that a couple months ago.  It's one of those things that make you slap the forehead exclaiming "why didn't I think of that" isn't it?

And when you get a chance, please stop by the intro thread to introduce yourself.

yup pretty simple, thanks for the links, makes you think

Tommy Jefferson:
Interesting.  Thanks.

I forgot to add this to the original post. The inventor of the windbelt gave a talk at google that goes into detail about the design and application of his invention,
well worth watching.


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