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What knife are you carrying now?

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I normally have three knives in my pockets while Im awake as EDC.
Top to bottom:
Benchmade Contego
Victorinox OHT
Becker BK14 EsKabar (Might be switching this back to BK11 Necker w/Micarta scales)

The Contego is my defense/SHTF blade.

The OHT does all my light work and specialty jobs.

The EsKabar is my heavy duty cutter.


My current daily carry is a itty bitty knife that will get lost in the bottom of my pocket.

It is a cheap knife that it's primary roll is to have something so small you always carry it.  The cutting edge is less than 2", and mostly use it to open mail or plastic/tape seal when opening boxes.   The lightning knife at the site is much bigger and would be almost useful for something besides a fidget toy. 

this is more of a silly but still useful knife, but I still like it.

Kershaw leak is my favorite pocket knife that is small, but useful.  I have the black wash version just because I like the looks.

For good reviews on common knifes I visit Blade HQ...I have spent way too much money at that site.
Kershaw also makes (imports) some of their knifes from China, I have found those to be well made for the price point. I often keep these knifes in the tool bag in the car.

I'm carrying a Benchmade folder and a Shivworks Clinchpick on body and a Leatherman Wave in my EDC bag.


I am carrying a ZIMAIC clip knife! I was looking for something low budget but also sort of edgy at the same time. It all started with this thought how would I benefit from carrying a knife, what would I use it for etc. While I was doing my research, I came across this website that had all my questions answered and even offered a few choices I could easily find. That's my story.
If any of you reading are still questioning what are the benefits and where to find affordable knives,

Best regards

edit: removing the link to the non-English site since I think that most members are not German readers.  If any wants to visit it here,  Klappmesser: Test & Empfehlungen

David in MN:
I did it again. I bought a Kizer Vanguard Sheepdog XL.

But here me out... This is a dedicated travel cooking knife. As soon as I saw the shape of it I realized it would never do for EDC (for me) but since I tend to do a lot of things that see men end up in AirBNBs, hunting camps, and ice fishing shacks having a food prep folder makes a lot of sense to me. It's way too heavy for the dedicated backpacker but for my uses it's about right.

It's not what I would call a good pocketknife but if you really want a portable chef knife it kind of fits that niche really well. Even holds like a real chef knife.


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