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What knife are you carrying now?

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Mora , Gerber compact scout, Buck 110, Condor Rodan 6" , Cold steel bush knife,Zero Tolerance folder, SCHF9 Schrade....and a few other knives of various utility.SOG,Magnum Bush knife,Ontario RAT,Gerber EAB,BACHO carpenter....I have more that I forget the names...but most often the Gerber Compact Scout...a tiny pocket folder.

Right pocket is a SOG Escape folding knife (not that happy with it but works) Left pocket is the Gerber EAB lite utility knife (Jack recommended and got cheap on Tspaz)

In order of frequency:  Victorinox Compact, Doug Ritter Griptillian, Victorinox Outlander, Buck Vantage Pro Sm & Lg, Gerber EAB, Kershaw Blur.

The State building I'm at 2-3 days per week has a no weapons policy, so for the last two years I've been using the Compact Swiss Army (Outlander is too big for some pants) in the hope that it won't raise too many red flags if I have to empty my pockets for whatever reason.  I had been carrying the Vantages for about 5 years on a daily basis, but decided not to push my luck, especially after the increased security that came with the San Bernardino shooting.  The Griptillian has been carried on nightly dog walking duty for a dozen years now, I've got gate keys and remotes on its lanyard so nothing gets misplaced or forgotten when rounding up the dogs.

Leatherman Blast for work. I use at least one of the tools once a week at work and is a great help.

When I'm not at work I have a basic Swiss Army Knife for a trimmed down but similar multi tool.

Boker 117474 Rosewood Stockman - I always like the simple multi-blade pattern as an EDC. I use the long blade for food (I hate plastic knives), the sheepsfoot as a utility blade (tapped boxes, etc), and the spey as a spare sharp blade.
I have other blades that I use for camping (Gerber LMF II) and around the homestead (random cheapos, slowly getting replaced by mora-type as the others break).
I used to EDC a Leatherman Charge TTi and CRKT M16, both awesome, but stopped since I no longer do community theater and front line technical support.


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