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Ruger P97!

EAA Witness 9mm in WonderFinish (or the XD(m))in a Ross M5NS pancake, CRKT Van Hoy snaploc, mini firesteel and scraper in the wallet, CCW badge and ID, watch, ring and testicles. 

If you're carrying daily, that means you have and women alike.
If you're not carrying......well, you can figure it out, right?


Every Day Carry Equipment

    * Cell phone/Pocket PC
          o I also use it for time, email, contacts, appointments, entertainment/games, poker timer & password keeper program
    * SOG Flash II folding knife
          o I use this often and needs sharpening every week or two.
          o This was my first type of knife I started with and figured I would get a better one if I liked carrying it around.
          o I haven't needed to upgrade it, but I could be missing out on better quality knives.
          o I actually have two of these and when one is dull I switch it out with the other. I don't have to stay on top of the sharpening this way.
    * Surefire Z2 LED Combat Light
          o I use to use the high output light bulb but the battery lasted only 20-30 minutes and now it last 12 hours.
    * Ruger LCP & 1 extra magazine in a Mag-packer at work right cargo pocket with Super Fly holster
    * Kel-Tec PF-9 (not at work) & 1 extra magazine in a Mag-packer front right pocket
    * Leatherman Juice S2 multi-tool
          o I hardly have to get the toolbox out for quick fixes around the house.
    * Keys (my house FOB looks a bit like sulla's)
          o I can separate the truck FOB with only the ignition key and keep my house keys with me.
    * The wallet is a decoy. All the cards are the fake ones that come in the mail with offers.
    * I have my real card wrapped in my main cash wad in my front pocket.
    * 5.11 Taclite Pro Pants
          o These don't leave wear marks like the regular 5.11 pants. Everything above has its own pocket.

Tactical Badger:

Keys w/ OC Spray
Kershaw Leek Serrated
Ray-O-Vac 3 Watt LED Light
Ronson Butane Lighter
Palm Treo 750
G23 w/ Crimson Trace
Spare Magazine
Yaesu VX-6R HT

This is a bare minimum for me and what I normally have on me throughout the day.  Except for the Glock...can't carry at my job.

Other than this, I normally have a County Comm Sat Comm bag somewhere close with more gear that would probably be considered a GHB.

Glock 22 w/ extra mag
Benchmade Ernest Emerson CGC7
Gerber Titanium Multitool
Sony Walkman MP3 w/ 25 favorite Survival Podcast episodes
Surefire G2N w/ LED conversion


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