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--- Quote from: Greekman on February 22, 2019, 12:12:16 PM ---You serious? This leather work is fine!

BTW,  how flexible I left is this case? Will it conform with movement,  will it print?

--- End quote ---
Thanks, but I see that the corners aren't fluid and I have a lot of tool marks.  But I'm pretty happy with it, being as I've only made a couple of things so far.

Yes, it prints on my pocket.  I put it in tool side towards my body.  That way is looks like I have a wallet or a notepad in my pocket.  But it is noticeable.

I've carried it all this week and find that while the black one was too floppy, this one is a bit too stiff.  Next version will be thinner leather so it flexes a bit.  Once leather is wet formed, it gets fairly stiff.  I'll post when I make new versions.

i need to make one. thanks for all the great ideas


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