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Polar Vortex U.S. Jan 2019 - High Risk Frostbite to People and Animals

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Alan Georges:
I don't know why, Redman.  Our usual winters will hit 25 once or twice with maybe a couple of other 30 degree freezes.  Some years it doesn't freeze at all.  The last time we got a real polar vortex dipping this far south was 2014, when it got down to 15 degrees and never above freezing for three days.  That was very unusual.

Maybe it is the concrete and autos over your way.  I know that New Orleans, 60 miles west of here, is usually 10 degrees warmer during these temperature dips.  OTOH, that may have a lot to do with Lake Pontchartrain.


Somehow I got the impression you were around Corpus Christi somewhere. Could be the concrete and autos but it seems most of the fronts moving through are colder to the east of us.

You are ground zero, Chicagoland!  Please check on elderly.

It is sad to see so many death stories.  Homeless were hit hard dispite the warming centers and buses. And there have been hundred of unusual cases like this one.
FedEx worker froze to death outside an Illinois delivery hub

A FedEx worker froze to death outside an Illinois delivery hub this week as a polar vortex plunged the region into sub-zero temperatures, according to a new report.

William L. Murphy, 69, was found dead at FedEx Freight in East Moline on Thursday morning, Rock Island County Coroner Brian Gustafson told local TV station WQAD.

Another worker found Murphy’s body between two tractor-trailers, Capt. Darren Gault of the East Moline Police Department told the outlet.

Authorities weren’t sure how long Murphy had been there before the discovery.

You just dont expect this.
University of Vermont student found dead in snow after taking apparent shortcut, police say


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