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Paracord Projects: Post Them Here

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while checking out another forum i had almost forgotten about i found a link to this. how to make the paracord braclete.

just in case you guys want the forum link i'll put in here also

the link for it is here

thanks wcff3431! I need to get more cord and try this
And here is one w/o the buckles...

if you look just to the right it show one for a watch band. thats one of the two i have been wanting to try the other is the monkey fist, just might get a close range weapon out of one of those.

Thats a pretty clever idea. I would never have thought to make the thing into a bracelet and then sell it. That is an awesome idea. Useful, practical, and they even put it back together for free. Didn't see any price info though, but I only just glanced at it too.

here is some to check out i know it ebay

some of those you have to watch cus, they take out the inner strands


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