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Title: New TSP Gear Idea USB stick
Post by: rikkrack on August 17, 2012, 12:59:05 PM
So I was posting in the geocaching thread and an epiphany hit me.

Fist SisterWolf like +12 because every time I have a question or look for some info your name is associated with the answer or issue and already answered it, so Thanks!!

New Gear Idea. USB sticks with maybe a few key, or inspiring episodes, maybe Jacks articles from the website, and anything else that my get potential listeners hooked and “assimilated”

Maybe 1GB or less. Those are cheap in bulk form marketing firms as giveaways. Then TSP printed on the side. Simple.

But can put in geocaches, stocking stuffers, they are small like the copper medallion and can be carried like change. If you start up a conversation, hand it out. I can think of a million ways to hand them out. You own a store that sells items a potential listener uses, stick a stick in their bag. Leave them randomly where listeners might be.
Title: Re: New TSP Gear Idea USB stick
Post by: rikkrack on August 21, 2012, 08:58:32 AM
I found bulk sticks for around $3.50/ea for 1GB of space not to mention the ones I had laying around my house. Anyone know of any cheaper? Gonna do some of these on my own to hand out. See how it goes.

With 1 GB of space, and wanting to put a link to the site and maybe a few articles from the site, what are peoples opinion of the best, get them hooked episodes to include? You all listen and know them and have your own favorite.

Not sure if a poll is the right place to collect info or how to make one, but I would like to know which episode would you include and why.