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T.H.E. bag

The "heavy" rig

One of the stick

I'll give a run down of the contents later.
And sorry about the size, I will try to resize the pics so they're easier to see.

Yay! Photos!

My bag in all it's packed glory. Right to left, beer, band-aids, bullets.

The black box is my new 800 watt inverter, typically stored in the car. Rifle goes in the [opsec], and will soon be recieving a custom mounted 2.5-7x scope.

Back of the bag, showing mace and stainless water bottle. I have a pack of bottled water in the closet and in the car, so if shtf, I have something to drink/cook with, not in/on the bag itself.

What's inside the bottle:
Plastic shopping bags and a zip tie (helps to remove the stuff from the bottle) toilet paper for wadding to hold things tight, linen string, shoelaces, and a pair of backup earbuds for my radio/mp3/PDA
Red fabric is a shop rag placeholder for two pair of bikini briefs. I figure any or all of this could be used to start a fire, so I keep it in the most watertight thing I have. If I need the bottle, I'll dump the contents into a ziploc in my bag.

More to come in a minute


You may notice I have no med kit in this bag: I used it.


One medical emergency and I was toast, and left with a few ziplocs with band aids, gauze and antibiotic ointment, and one pack of sutures.

It's being re-stocked and will reside mostly in this panel:

Far right to far left:
Aluminum pill case with hot knife tip for soldering iron, and three pair of foam ear plugs. Carbide jigsaw blade, and single LED flashlight on carabiner. lensatic compass above the glow sticks, immodium, electric engraver, butane sodlering iron/torch, pin vise and drill bits (also bits for engraver/drill/crappy excuse for a dremel) super glue - great for suture like repairs. Mechanix gloves, and the OD bottle has a buncha crap in it like aspirin, benadryl, and three types of antibiotics. I have some batteries stored in here, and my automatic center punch, some cash and the silver thign up top is a much more powerful LED/red laser flashlight on a breakaway wire pull ring. Most of the dangly stuff gets yanked off and put on my belt as I run out the door if I need silence.

Next compartment moving toward my back holds:

50 foot climbing rope, BOB cookstove-in-a-sock that I posted on a few days ago, some 180gr FMJ "bad medicine" and a few softpoints. P100 respirator, mesh tool bag expanded later, another butane torch (filled) chopsticks, 6 in 1 screwdriver, and another pair of clean socks.

Tool kit:

SAE/Metric Sockets, Sae/metric hex, and torx wrenches, and a socket extension. Bag has little clippie thing for belt or work area. Lots of carabiners here there and everywhere, as well as zip ties for temp. handsfree hardpoints from which to hang my kits.


we're now in the main compartment right  next to my back.

Extensible socket wrench - tool+defense - heavy!!!, knock-off mechanix gloves, multitool with adjustable wrench, ziptied plastic bags, and a total of four different locking/bent/etc. tweezers, big cheap survival knife with firestarting junk in the handle - I re-pinned and heat treated the blade, and a composition book, mostly for rigidity, but it's nice to have extra paper for tinder or messages.

Moving north, I have a NiMH recharger, playing cards, more plastic bags (box of matches inside, and a lighter, as in the steel water bottle) elastic bandage, vaporub - congestion aid, as well as a scent concealer if being chased by dogs... not that you would... and some of my food. I found that tools pop the can lids open too easily, so I duct tape two cans together, lids facing one another, and haven't had a problem since. moving up and to the right, four hacksaw blades wrapped in a shop rag, another pair of cotton work gloves, also zip tied with some batteries rolled up in them, and a convenience kit with gold bond, antibiotic ointment, sunblock, alcohol and OFF wipes, tissues, a pack or two of gauze, and a pack of baby butt wipes.

Finishing off the main compartment, I've got bamboo chopsticks in the ziploc up top, plenty of orange and green light sticks, and the neatest hatchet ever - comes with a sharpening stone on the plastic blade protector. S7 steel head with a nail puller and handy hook in the handle.

Last one, I swear!

Saddlebag compartments:

Left side - sharpies, matches, 2 days worth of carbs, protien, and fat, instant heat pack, and a NH3NO2 treated notebook for tinder. The blue thing hanging off the pocket is a pocket oiler with WD-40 in it. Tip is about the size of a fine point sharpie.

Food in that pocket as you see it right now consists of potted meat, sardines, deviled ham, two bags of trail mix, and a can of spam. I ate the beef jerky and ramen during an all-night stay @ the hospital. I also have a bag that's normally here with instant coffee, but I'm working on a field expedient drip coffee maker that'll pack up just like my BOB stove.

Right side is similar:

More food - this time herring, potted meat, spam, a pack of ramen, and another pack of trail mix in the ziploc, another treated notebook, oxi-clean so I can wash my clothes in one of the larger ziploc bags (it works!) electical tape, AA and AAA batteries are stowed in little loops all over the outside of the bag, a pen, and the keychain mentioned earlier with flashlight, carbide saw, and a handcuff key.

That does it folks!

Keep in mind there's a trauma kit, and safety glasses that you didn't see (I keep a pair in my car, and another pair in the trauma kit) and I'll cover that separately, along with the coffee maker when I get done with it.

Let me know what you think!


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