Author Topic: K7RFT (SK) - Looking for help to clean up his shack for the widow  (Read 1537 times)

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Lynn Nichols, K7RFT, passed away on Christmas Day 2018.  Believe it or not, Lynn has had a full lifetime of amateur radio and it did him wrong twice.  At 14 years of age he was helping his father erect a tower and it twisted on them and crossed a powerline.  Lynn lost both of his hands from the incident.  Then, as stated above, he was going out to his shack off the back porch on Christmas Day and slipped on the ice and banged his head hard enough it killed him.

His widow and children have absolutely no interest in amateur radio and just want to unload the equipment as quickly as possible.  Lynn had a bunch of boat anchors and half-done projects and a few really nice pieces.  Anyone in the Roswell, NM area or willing to drive over to pick up some gear, please let me know.

Here is a link to the preliminary pictures - I will get a better inventory posted soon:

Feel free to email me at with questions.