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How do you can your tomatoes?

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I'm just trying to figure out what I should do with my tomatoes from the garden.  The canned tomatoes we use in recipes is typically paste, sauce, crushed tomatoes and pizza sauce.

I've heard arguments to always can tomato sauce and doctor it the way it needs to be for each recipe.  However, it seems so much easier to can some pizza sauce, some tomato sauce, some crushed tomatoes, etc.

So how do you can your tomatoes?

I only can diced tomatoes, because that is what I use the most in my day to day cooking.  I do not take the skins off, I just cut them like I would for a recipe if using fresh, or like when I buy a can of diced tomatoes.  I dump them in a large pot as I go, then when I am tired of dicing, I put a lid on the pot and cook a bit so that they are ready to can, put them in jars hot, add salt, then can in a steam canner

When I make pasta I use these diced tomatoes, plus other veggies depending on season.

I put the diced tomatoes in soups and indian food recipes, etc...

I do not  use them on pizza as is.  I either mix them with dried tomato powder or tomato paste and make a nice sauce for pizza or I just use a purchased tomato sauce for pizza  I should can some actual tomato sauce just for pizza

Either straight cutup tomatoes, or blended with peppers for an easy to make spaghetti sauce.

Morning Sunshine:
I dry mine in slices and powder.  My husband does not like chunks of tomatoes in things

David in MN:
We always froze the tomatoes. My grandparents had this phobia that canning fresh would ruin the flavor. To be fair, tomatoes suffer the issue of all fruit. After 30 minutes of being picked the flavor deteriorates. There's just no getting around this and you will never preserve that perfect "in the height of summer" tomato.

That said, all my tomatoes that aren't eaten off my garden knife get frozen and then cooked down for 6 hours in a true Italian bolognaise. With a homemade spinach fettucini and a glass of red wine you are in paradise.

One other with fresh tomatoes... If you put a pot of olive oil with garlic, basil, and crushed red peppers on the heat and boil it then reduce the heat, strain, and put in chunks of tomato you have my favorite topping for gnocchi.

I guess what I'm saying is that we just jackhammer them and being that the Mrs. family is Italian (and holy cow the Kraut kid makes pasta) we tend to use them quick.


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