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Home made Solar Dehydrator


A thought I had yesterday, dealing with the food storage show was a solar food dehydrator large enough to dry what you have frozen in the freezer. If the power goes out, and it looks like it will be long enough that the freezer will thaw, you can just put it all into the dehydrator.

Jack brought up the solar dehydrator today. How cool is that?

A PDF with illistrations of what jack was talking about.

Jack mentioned the solar powered battery charger fan for running the dehydrator at night.
I immediately thought of something a bit different. I thought of those turbine ventilators.
The wind tends to blow more at night.

Anybody else have any thoughts?

I've been wondering, if you take the rectangular base of the dryer,and replace it with a wider trapezoidal design.

 Would that give a faster drying time?

As you would have more exposed surface area to absorb and reflect heat, and the trapezoidal design would force the rising air to accelerate and create a fan affect.


--- Quote from: creuzerm on March 06, 2009, 12:00:16 PM ---A PDF with illistrations of what jack was talking about.
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+1 Oh my goodness that is one awesome design! I swear if I keep looking through the forum DIY section I'll want to make one of everything!

i made one last summer before i found TSP. I'll finish it up and post some pics. I ran out of time and still have a little painting to do and still need to test it.


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