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Home made freeze drying?


Anyone thougt about this? I think it's probably not doable on a small scale, but I thought I'd ask.

I have been thinking about it myself.

The way I understand the process, they play with the air preassure, reducing the preassure to the point where the ice sublimates out of the food. Or did they pressurized the food, then quickly release the pressure? I don't remember.
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All I know is I can't reproduce what they do with the stuff I have in my apartment. Maybe someday when I get a garage. Er, maybe a small shed in case I blow it up... ;)

The only way I could think of doing something close was to dehydrate in a refrigerated environment. Basically get a large amount of air movement through the food while it's really cold, say 33-35 degrees. The hard part would to be to dry the air out. I am thinking of just letting the freezer part frost up really bad? Do one batch, defrost the whole fridge, dry it out, and then do the next batch?

Anybody else have any ideas?

It seems taxidermists use freeze drying. Anyone know a taxidermist they can ask about the equipment they use? Would it be feasible to use in small scale food freeze drying?


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