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Bowyering as a survival skill

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As an Archer who competeĀ“s in target competitions, i can guarantee you it is well worth it. A bow has very limited use compared to a firearm, but as a hunting tool it is primal. Maybe even for defense situations, although unlikely, since a bow is better then a fist.

Learning how to use one is not that difficult. People will tell you it takes a year. I say 3 months. Why? Start with a basic bow with draw weight low (around 20 lbs) shooting at targets 7-10 yards away. After practicing enough, and getting "Instinctive Shooting Technique" to a familiar level, you can purchase a real "Survival Bow".

What i call a survival bow, is a "Take-down Bow" with 45-55 lbs (55lbs of Draw Weight will be enough to hunt a bear using the right arrow tips).

For a good example here is THE Take-Down Bow

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 this arc i amaizing:

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The best one IMO  :)

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