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I did a lot of archery from age 8-14 or so, going to JOAD classes and competitions almost every weekend. In those years, I shot both compound and recurve. All target shooting, never hunted. By high school, though, I just got too busy and gave it up.

Now, at age 29, I have the itch to get back to it. My wife and I just joined a field and stream club that has various archery ranges, and I can't wait to get out there. I plan to set up my wife with my old recurve, since it should fit her well, and I'm planning to get a new setup for myself.

My primary intended use will be target practice, but I would like to take up hunting. Jack's near-mystical descriptions of archery hunting have me very curious. The current plan is to get a compound with field-adjustable draw weight. This should give me a lot of flexibility as I build up that unique archery strength, and good versatility for both target practice and hunting.

A few questions for all you archers out there:

1) Does this seem like a good plan?

2) If so, what should I look for in this type of bow? Any particular features or brands I should look for or avoid? I don't need top of the line, but I do want something quality that will last.

3) If not, what would you recommend doing?

- InquiringMind

Hey there InquiringMind. I think it is awesome that you are getting back into archery. Quick question for you? What do you mean by a field-adjustable draw weight? Do you mean a compound that you can adjust the draw weight without the use of allen wrenches? Either way the flexibility that compounds offer is one of its greatest assets. I am a fan of Bear compound bows, they are reasonably priced and shoot well (at least in my experience) and I don't really have any brands that I can think to tell you to avoid. I would if possible go to a local shop and try a few out. Plus it would be helpful to have them measure your draw length. Hope this helps.

Hey, Mjolnir - thanks for the feedback!

--- Quote from: Mjolnir on December 09, 2014, 08:40:17 PM ---What do you mean by a field-adjustable draw weight? Do you mean a compound that you can adjust the draw weight without the use of allen wrenches?

--- End quote ---
I guess a more accurate term would've been 'user-adjustable'. Allen wrenches are fine, but I wouldn't want to have to take it into a shop. The more I look around, I'm realizing this is pretty common now.

I'm planning to go to Cabela's when they have a sale going and try out a few. From my online research, the Diamond Infinite Edge (made by Bowtech) seems to be a standout product with very high customer ratings. Draw weight 5-70 lbs, draw length 13-30", and good price point. If it feels good and shoots well, I might go with that.

I have two of the diamond infinite edge bows.  One for my 12 year old and one for me.  Its a great bow.  The draw length needs to be done in a shop but the draw weight can be adjusted at home.  I think its a great starter bow as I just got into archery last year and didn't want to spend a couple grand on something I wasn't sure I'd get into.  Its also nice to be able to loan it out.  I didn't have an archery tag this year so loaned mine to a neighber (14 year old girl) she had it adjusted to her and had a great hunt.  Two thumbs up so far.

Good idea on going to Cabela's and trying out a few. And I will back up ericksonrs on bowtech's being a good product. If you like the fit and feel I wouldn't hesitate to own one. I am sure with the holidays and all that Cabela's stuff should be going on sale soon if it isn't already.


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