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Target Archery vs Field Archery

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Good evening folks,

I have been shooting Target Championships for about a year now. I am no Olympic level archer, but i do have already enough skills to go to Championships and not embarrass myself....

But this last Saturday i had a hole new experience. Field Archery.

I found it to be an amazingly open-minding experience ! I had never realized that target shooting and techniques got me no notion of how to use a bow in any other situation then just a Target at 70 meters away sitting still.... Shooting field targets was fun, but hard. Elevation, wind, target sizes that vary, shooting technique.... All that was new. You just cant shoot a bow in a field challenge as you do in a target challenge.

I use a 70┬┤size Recurve Bow that pulls #40 pounds. A SF Axiom with Shibuya sights.  But at the Field challenge i shot a simple Recurve wooden bow with a size 66 and also #40 pounds of pull. There were no "adds" on the bow, such as a "Button", "Clicker", "Stabilizer" and Sights. Just plain old Archery techniques.

We all know what a bow can do for a Prepper. I wanted to ask you guys if i should look into a different type of bow and learn these "outdoor" techniques.  In a sense, the guys at Field are less accurate but a lot more faster and able to adapt. I took forever trying to figure out the "ballistics" behind Field archery while they would just point and shoot. Amazing !

Also, what makes a good "Outdoor" bow ? A Take-down bow smaller than 70 ? I think i am going to buy a different bow for Field. An Olympic bow is kind of fragile and "overkill" for this kind of practice....

Thanks !

Morning Sunshine:
hum, just learned something new today.

For field shooting (hunting) a compound bow will shave some overall length, making it easier to move through brush.  It will can also shoot flatter and faster than a recurve.  And with the let-off (the biggest benefit that is gained), it will make it easier to pull to full draw and hold it there while waiting for the right shot.

Many will argue that a compound has many failure points, but of my 15 years of hunting and practicing with one, for 6 months out of each year, I had no issues.  A recurve should also prove to be much lighter to carry than a compound.

In my experience you want the lightest and fastest bow you can afford but most importantly are comfortable with.  Do not choose a bow that has too high of a draw weight.  Try to get the shortest limb to limb bow for working through the brush also. 

A compound bow really is lighter, faster and powerful.

But it has to many moving parts. I want something close to medieval.... What i did find, is a good Take-down bow that pulls 35 pounds and has a 66┬┤size. Looks pretty solid and reliable.

I don't like Compound bows, and the techniques are different for it. I really am looking for a kit that can fit my BOB or car, and is easy to maintain and take care of. Compound bows are amazing, but require a lot of care. A simple Take-down Recurve bow can take a lot of punishment and has no fragile parts such as a compound bow...


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