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Josh the Aspie:
Hey there.  I'm looking at getting some of the 299 books, and some other product, and I was wondering if there is a discount on the books if you have a Member Support Brigade membership.

Trying to decide between amazon and TSP gear on this, and Amazon looks to have the lower price if there's no discount.

MSB gives you 10% off at the TSP Gear shop and as always shipping is free with the Gear shop.

Josh the Aspie:
Alright then, after MSB discount, free shipping on both, the prices are comparable... and I'd rather the cash goes to the TSP crew than Amazon.

So now I just need to renew MSB.  I wonder when the next sale is going to be, and if I should wait, or renew now.  Hmm.

i think jack just ran one a month or two ago, so you probably won't see one for several months.

Josh the Aspie:
Darn.  Hmmm.

Well, I guess I just need to decide on timing then, and whether I have time to actually use the stuff I want to get the discount on in the near future, or if I should wait in case it goes on sale while I'm handling other projects.


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