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Any experience with these bows?


I found this chinese guy on ebay, that offers a variety of handmade recurve bows for interesting prices. Anyone tried those?

As with anything made in China I wouldn't expect it to be worth a darn.
A mid-range Japanese bow will set you back $450, I know that's not what you're looking for, I'm using that as an example of quality and price.

If you're set on getting one, give us a review of the product, it's build quality and shooting experience.

he's got some bad reviews lately...seems a little iffy.

 if you're just wanting a cheap but good quality recurve id go with the samick sage.

Yes, I saw those bad comments, yet it's just couple of them and lots of good ones. I'm more curious how good/bad can these bows be. Found them while looking for real east-style compound bows for my cossacks reenactment. Some of these don't look bad (some do), but all are made with fiberglass parts, which makes them a no-go for my purpose. But their price is interesting and if they were any good, they would still make nice practice/plinking/lending bow. I don't like to lend my bows to other people.

To close the story, I've decided to avoid the chinese bows in the end.
Then, my wife gave me a Kassai (Hungarian) traditional recurve, it's a beautiful bow for sure!
Got the "Bear" model in 75# version. It's not a typical hoseback bow - as the maker says, it was made for ground archers who made fun of the 30-40# horsebows and wanted something more powerful.
It's not truly traditional, using fuberglass for part of the limbs, but it surely looks good and I love it.


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