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Slow runner:
There are some cool T-Shirts out there that make a statement! I am looking for dress shirts or polos that have  299 days, John Gult, TSP....etc. The only thing I have found was Don't Treat on Me. I need to stay in the CUBE FARM for a few more years and would like to make fun of the Zombies! any suggestions?

Alan Georges:
Nothing says "statement!" like a camo polo shirt.

I am thinking of doing a run of polo shirts this Spring.  It would be pre-order.  We would take orders for a couple of weeks, and then run all the shirts, and ship them out.    Is there still much interest in this? 

What we need to decide is what type of artwork do you want on the shirt?

What style and fabric shirt do you want?

I wear polos all the time and would be interested.

Personally, I am fond of the athelitic type fabric. Like Nike's Dri-fit fabric. But I am sure something like that is expensive. Anything over $30 is too rich for my blood.

Thanks for the feedback.  There are some pretty affordable performance fabrics available now, so it is not out of the question.

I guess that brings up another question though.. what is the price people would like to stay under?


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