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Primal Gear take down bow

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I just ordered one of these after watching Dave Canterbury's review of it on youtube yesterday. I can't wait to get it! Does anyone else have one? I will share pics and thoughts when I get it.

I'm looking forward to your review!

Ok here is my update...

1. I have the bow! It shipped within their 2-3 day stated period and moved from GA to VA in 2.5 days via FedEx.
2. It arrived safe and sound with everything in tact and no scratches. These guys wrapped the bow in a layer of foam sheet, then bubble wrap, then stuffed newspaper around it in the box so it couldn't move at all!
3. Being a mechanical designer I can say that this bow is well made and thought out. Also the quality of the powder coating is very good!
4. It strung up easily and drew smoothly. Oh yeah FYI I got the 60# version.
5. I have shorter fingers and I was afraid that the grip area would not fit my hand well. I was pleased to learn that this was not a problem.

I will get some pics up this weekend and my notes on how it shoots. I will say that based on just looks and feel alone that it is a very good purchase.

More to come...Art in VA


Quick update...I finally got to shoot the bow tonight! Bottom line is that I would recommend it to anyone! I will share more tomorrow.


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