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August 2020 California fires -- Bay area edition

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--- Quote from: mountainmoma on August 20, 2020, 07:10:32 PM ---Someone went to my street and took a picture -- for some reason of my house !  it is standing ! amazing as of noon today

If someone wnat to post here that has a picute page, you can tell me and I can email to you and you can link to here, because it s pretty amzing to see everything burned and my house and car, yes I left my car, still there

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MM, I hope you're home is still safe. Here's the most recent article I could find for the fire. It was updated this morning.

Here's from Cal Fire:


--- Quote from: LvsChant on August 21, 2020, 09:53:15 AM ---MM: Hoping for an update today and to hear that your home was spared :)

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I dont have internet access often, I am sleeping in the cab of the pickup in the livestock area and have to walk over to where wi-fi is.  But, here is the update.

Someone I know went by there, they were in the area in a professional capacity, but were on my street so went to my property briefly. 

My actual house is standing, every bit of it, and the deck attached on the south and the extensive garden below the deck was also not burned ( but of course, the crops will all die in this heat with no water)  The barn is destroyed and smoldering still, he not being I fire person is worried if that might reignite something, but likely it wont, and animal runs, the chicken coop burned to the ground, a detached office, burned to the ground, travel trailer I did not have time to hook up and take burned to the ground.  He says when he turns on the tap, no water came out.  This could be because my water tank was used to fight the fire, or because the water tank pipe was melted as the fire burned thru that area. 

The devastation in general is unprecendated.  Not to mention the shear number of displaced, most of the county is on evac orders

Some people in my area took chainsaws and hoses and saved the one church and elementary school in the community.  A couple other people saved the firehouse, it was under evac orders, but a few defied it and saved it.  Having a few semi-public community buildings will be important to people. 

Morning Sunshine:
wow - what a blessing for you.  Thank you for the update.  The offer in my PM stands. <3

Good for you, MM!  Hang in there.

I’m so happy you didn’t lose everything. If you need anything, let us know.


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