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TV show by famed math teacher highlights budgeting including unexpected emergenc

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Teenage Boss takes care of business

The series is an observational documentary shot for ABC Me.

Teenage Boss sees a range of teenagers from diverse families put in charge of the monthly budget to teach them, and their parents, valuable lessons about financial responsibility and planning.

“My dad put a month’s worth of funds into my hands to manage the household for a month,” Michael said.

“Bills, rent, water, electricity and my dad ended up getting a fine so I had to pay for that as well.

“He drives trucks and missed a weigh station. It was a $700 fine. It was so bad.”

Morning Sunshine:
would like to see that when it comes out.


--- Quote from: Morning Sunshine on June 11, 2018, 07:14:15 AM ---would like to see that when it comes out.

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It would be great if any forum members knew Mr Woo and could make intro to Jack for a show.  The relevance of math to preps is greatly underestimated and not well taught.  Budgetting, battery capacity, fuel needs, caloric needs, food storage cycling, lumber estimation, pump capacity, map reading, celestial navigation, and so much more.  Math makes life better.

budgeting is good, if it gets more families to teach their kids, it will be a good thing. I did this with my kids, the youngest homeschooled one got to do more of it.

At least once when I had a couple complaining teens, I made a list of all chores that were done to run a household, some are invisible to them, especially some that are done by parents (transportation time, shopping time, budgeting and bill paying time...), with time estimates. Not that I need to explain myself and what they need to do at all, but it helps with their education to see the time everything takes, as well as the money, time budget, money budget.

As far as time budgets went, there was a while, maybe a few years, when they "owed me" for extra driving, hour for hour.  Which makes sense, I cant get my share of the work done if I am then losing an hour or two getting them to some extra random place, so then they can help with something I normally do, such as take over one of my nights for cooking dinner, or do some of my part of the cleaning or weeding in the garden.

Maybe the show is alright, but looking at the article, I dont think they were fair to the highlighted teen, at all ! You dont throw someone to the lions without instructions ! And, running the budget and shopping is not the same as doing all the cooking. Sounds like he had never been taught to cook. You are taught to cook by cooking along side the cook over time. So, since he realy was not a cook, he should have gone and asked the people in his family what they needed as far as food before he went shopping. The people in charge of "teaching" this teen should have had that as job number one as far as food. SO, they taught him wrong. Whether a household or a business, you do not go and randomly buy stuff, you need to find out what your departments, or family memebers require. Step one is to do exploration, interviews. Having him return from the store without food for his dad seems like a made for TV set up, not a way to teach him. ANd, a waste of money, and budgeting is about proper spending of money, not learning by wasting money when there were so many people right there that could have given him proper advice on how to find out required items and make a list

They should have shown him interviewing his parent(s) to find out what was needed in the house for the cook, what types of breakfast items and snacks people required, etc....


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