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Where You Buy 5.56 Ammo???


There are many online shops available who sell 5.56 Ammo but most of the shop's product prices are really high but in some cases, the quality is not satisfied. So finding the best shops for buying a product is a bit difficult.

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Well; this is the wrong season of the year to find good quality ammo and normal prices.  And what season is it? Why it is panic buying season, and it has been in full effect for well over 6 months.

One of the 'best' bets to finding ammo has been one of the big sports box stores.  Often they will be seeing new shipments in before some of the smaller Mom & Pop places.  Often these stores have a few box limits to keep their shelves from being picked bare.  Increase your success rate if you know when their regular shipments are expected. 

Another place that I have found at least some ammo at slightly lower prices has been some local/in-state sports forums.  Often you can find a seller dumping ammo at a slightly reduced prices to fund a project.

I have seen spot prices come close to $1.00 a round for the high end quality ammo.  Prices are lower for some of the cheaper/bulk ammo that is non-loadable.

There are online tools like ammo seek to help find what you are looking for - "google ammo seek" 


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