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Adam Campbell:
I placed an order from Bulk Ammo about 2 months ago with zero problems. Took a bit longer to ship than I'd have liked but it wasn't a big deal at all.

Now I am trying to place another order and all I get is a message saying...

"Due to circumstances outside of our control we are not able to ship to your area at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience."

No explanation, nothing. Was there some bulls#!+ law passed in Pennsylvania in the last 2 months stopping them from being able to ship ammo here?

Is it some BS with the shipping companies?

Am I no longer able to order f-ing ammo on the internet, or is it just this one company that decided they won't ship here anymore?

I did a few google searches and did not spot anything specific to your state on shipping.  I have used that company in the past without any issues.

Ammo does ship differently than normal goods, ORM-D depending on what you are shipping.  While this shipping method is restricted; it is not as restrictive as Hazmat.

I know some areas do restrict guns, ammo, etc in some states of emergency.

I have had luck with this and other mail order companies in the past.  The last one I used was Aim Surplus for a few boxes of soft point hunting ammo a few weeks past.   Maybe try a small order from one of those sites to see if it is an issue.

I would send an email to   to see if they can indicate what the problems are.

I did have one item from Ohio take 21 days or so to ship to me via USPS.  I watched the package bounce all around before it made a mad dash and arrived safely.

Adam Campbell:
I did email them. All I got in response was some BS answer that makes no sense.

"Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, due to everything going on right now in the country we had to suspend shipping to certain areas of the country.

Our team is working around the clock to meet the demand we are currently facing.

Please keep checking our site often as we hope to catch up soon and resume shipping to your location.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us."

They were out of stock on what I wanted last week, and then this week they had exactly what I was looking for and BAM — no shipping for you!

With NO explanation as to what is going on.

I've gone to a bunch of other "bulk ammo" sites and they consider a box of 20 rounds of .223 at $1 a round to be "bulk." No thanks LOL.

Adam Campbell:
Now they are sold out of what I was looking for.

That's the last time I even so much as browse that garbage site.

I've had nothing but good experiences with bulkammo. I think what we have now is some very unusually high demand which has a lot of suppliers scrambling. It may well be that they have determined that certain regions have more problems with lost/damaged shipments or that they can only take care of certain states effectively based on their home of operations.

You're right in moving on, though, if they aren't shipping to your region.


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